Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Southeast Arizona,
Sonoita Creek is a gift to the animals, plants and people who live there.

Friends of Sonoita Creek
P.O. Box 123
Patagonia, AZ 85624

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   Letter Writing Campaign

The recent occurrence in the Patagonia Lake State Park  of a woman being gored by a bull is the precipitating event for this letter writing campaign. The presence of cattle in the park has been a longstanding safety and environmental issue. This is due to a special land use permit by Arizona State Land Board which has allowed cattle into the riparian area of the park.

Our goal in writing  letters is twofold: to ensure visitor safety and habitat restoration in the birding area of Patagonia Lake State Park through the removal of all livestock and the installation of secure fencing around said area.

Below you will find the links to Talking Points, Letter Writing Guide and two sample letters. Send letter(s) to Mr. Robert Broscheid, Director of Arizona State Parks and Trails and Ms. Lisa Atkins, Commissioner of Arizona State Land Department. Addresses can be found in the sample letters. 

Talking Points/Issues

Letter Writing Guide

Sample Letter 1

Sample Letter 2

                  Volunteer Opportunities this Spring 2022 - Join Us!

  • Healthy Water Program:  Grade 5 TBD--Call Kathy (530) 604-6679
  • Water Quality Analysis: June 29--Call Dave (602) 903-8296

Research, Restore, Educate & Collaborate

Founded in 2004, Friends of Sonoita Creek (FOSC) works to protect and restore the water and natural habitat of Sonoita Creek and its watershed. We inform residents and visitors about the importance of Sonoita Creek to life forms and its relationship to the geography through hands-on activities, presentations, hikes, and financial support to kindred organizations.

Sonoita Creek flows a distance of 30 miles, above and below ground, southwest from Sonoita into the Santa Cruz River north of Nogales. The watershed drains 258 square miles, has unique geological features, seven biomes with a great diversity of plant and animal species, and vast natural beauty.

It is a cultural crossroads with protected ancient archaeology sites, a Spanish colonial past, and mining, ranching and railroad history.

Join in and help us in our cause and educational activities:

  • Hosting guided nature bird and plant walks
  • Supporting programs protecting our watershed
  • Teaching our Healthy Water Education Program to students

FOSC is a non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.